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Accueil Produits Walchem Chaudière WDB/WDC 400


The WDB400 Dual Boiler Controllers and WDC400 Dual Condensate Monitors
represent the latest technological and innovative advancements from Walchem. All
of the standard features you’d expect in conventional boiler controllers/condensate
monitors are included, plus optional simple-to-use information management tools
that enable water treatment professionals to deliver more effective service to their
The WDB/WDC400 controllers have the ability to store conductivity and
temperature values, water usage, relay status, and user settings. A USB memory stick
is all that’s needed to extract the information. Download logs from the USB stick
to a PC at your convenience, or copy your preferred treatment program settings to
another controller to speed start-up. It couldn’t be easier!




Ensures Optimal Performance and Maximum Efficiency

Precise control of conductivity and chemical feed inhibits corrosion, solids precipitation and scale build-up.
Unique time proportional blowdown feature saves energy by reducing water consumption.

More Informative Monthly Reports

Download stored data from the controller to a USB flash stick. Use the data to easily develop reports
that show actual water usage, system conductivity, temperature, and more.

Efficient Customer Service

Quickly identify system upsets by knowing exactly what happened and when. An event log can be downloaded
to tell you precisely when pumps turned on, valves opened and when the boiler was offline.

Validation and Verification Made Easy

Use stored data from the controller to simply and easily validate water treatment results. The data and
event logs show water usage, system conductivity, and temperature, as well as accumulated chemical
feed and blowdown times.

Save Time

Copy the user settings from your controller to a USB flash stick and upload to a new
controller. Programming your new controller this way can be accomplished in seconds.
It’s that simple!