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Accueil Produits Walchem Contrôleur de désinfection WDIS 410


Walchem’s WDIS Series controller will reliably and economically control your water treatment disinfection process. The controller includes four standard sensor input options (free chlorine/bromine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, peracetic acid) or can be configured to use a variety of other types of disinfection sensors, such as hydrogen peroxide or total chlorine.

The WDIS Series controller takes the guesswork out of your disinfection process. The chemical concentration is continuously monitored and controlled to the precise range required for proper system control and regulatory compliance.

Designed to be flexible and versatile, the WDIS Series controller is the ideal solution for disinfection applications in cooling towers, food & beverage, drinking water, wastewater and swimming pools.

Integrated datalogging is available to validate system performance. A USB memory stick is all that’s needed to extract data and event logs that include disinfection sensor measurements and relay status. Download log files from the USB stick to a PC at your convenience. It couldn’t be easier!


Versatility for a Broad Range of Applications

Choose from four standard industrial grade sensors in one controller (chlorine/bromine, chlorine dioxide,
ozone, peracetic acid) or configure the controller to use a variety of other disinfection sensors. Relays can be
configured for Hi Alarm, Low Alarm, Out-of-Range Alarm, In-Range Output or Probe Wash, providing unmatched

Economical and Simple to Use

WDIS controllers are economically priced and do not require any costly reagents. The rugged NEMA 4X
enclosure and panel mounted flow assembly has only two process connections for quick and easy installation.

Built-in Safety Features

Programmable output limit timers prevent run-away chemical addition. Digital Interlock Input may be used from a
flow switch or level input to prevent chemical addition based on a stagnant sample, or control of an empty batch
tank. The alarm relay notifies plant personnel of alarm conditions as soon as they occur.

Simple, Integrated Data Collection

Download stored data from the controller to a USB stick. Use the data to simply and
easily validate system performance, document compliance and reduce liability. The
data and event logs logs show disinfection levels, as well as accumulated chemical feed
and relay activation times.