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Accueil Produits Walchem WebMaster Webmaster ONE

Webmaster ONEONE simple and flexible controller for ALL your water treatment needs!

Walchem’s WebMasterONE integrates advanced sensing, instrumentation,
fluid handling, and data communications technologies to bring you the most
sophisticated cooling tower & boiler controller in the water treatment

The simple, intuitive programming makes it easy to configure your WebMasterONE to control multiple cooling towers, boilers, closed loops, or virtually any water treatment process. It will monitor and control based on a wide range of direct sensor inputs as well as measurement inputs from other devices such as corrosion, level, temperature and pressure.

WebMasterONE is on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, keeping on-site and off-site personnel notified of system performance, all the while providing comprehensive and reliable water treatment control.




Easy to start-up and use - with just a web browser!

Extensive built-in Plug & Play communications options:

• Ethernet

• USB (laptop & flash disk support)

• Cell modem

• Landline modem


VTouch® provides quick, centralized 24/7 awareness of account status with the ability to LIVE Connect to any of your controllers in the field with one simple mouse-click.

System status reports and datalog files can be sent automatically

PPM set points with feed verification

Instant alarm notification via email, cell phone text message or local alarm relay

Wide range of direct sensor measurements:

• pH


• Conductivity

• Electrodeless conductivity

• Free chlorine/bromine

• Chlorine dioxide


Modbus read/write is available for seamless integration with building energy management, distributed control, process management and SCADA systems

Protect the building’s infrastructure while conserving water, energy and chemicals